Eat in

Our EAT IN scheme is part of selected halls of residence contracts and can also be purchased independently of your accommodation. The package entitles you to breakfast and dinner from Monday to Friday during term time.

Our EAT IN scheme means:

  • great choice
  • great quality
  • great service times
  • lots of healthy options
  • less food shopping
  • more convenience and less hassle
  • easier to budget
  • cost included in rent
  • still cook for yourself at weekends

EAT IN outlets are still open for purchases for students and staff not within the package.


If you are living in halls that includes the EAT IN Catered Package this is already included in the rent you pay. If your halls contract does not already include the EAT IN Catered Package, or you are living in other accommodation, then you can purchase it directly, either termly or for the academic year.

Purchases can be made via the unicard web centre.

What’s on offer


Choose from a range of items including cereals, muesli, croissant, fruit, toast, yoghurts, or a selection of traditional hot options.

Evening Meal

Served every evening, Monday to Friday during term time, will include the following:

  • At least 3 hot main meal options (such as curry, stir fry, pasta and more traditional choices)
  • Jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings
  • Choice of freshly made salads
  • Soup
  • Choice of accompaniments including carbohydrates and vegetables
  • Choice of dessert, fruit or yogurt
  • Tea, coffee and fruit juice

Vegetarian and vegan options

We appreciate that vegetarianism and veganism are an increasingly popular and/or ethical decision for many people.

There will always be at least one main evening meal choice that will be vegan and/or vegetarian (with a vegan option), as well as the additional choice of jacket potatoes, salads and soup.

If you have a particular special diet, other than being vegetarian or vegan, please contact us.

The benefits

Staying in our halls accommodation means you’ll be living in a safe and comfortable environment, and being on our EAT IN package means you’ll have even less to worry about! Moving away to university is a big step, and our catered halls package really helps with that transition.

It’s your community

You’ll be eating with other students from different flats and courses, so you’ll get to meet and interact with a whole range of different people. Developing a good social network in your halls community should hopefully make it easier to find people you’d like to live with when you move into the private sector in your second year.

Healthy and locally sourced food

You get to enjoy a freshly prepared, nutritionally balanced diet, without all the time needed to source ingredients, cook or buy expensive pots and pans. The university has won awards for its healthy food provision, and always looks to source seasonal and fresh ingredients from local suppliers and growers.

Good value for money

The EAT IN package is very competitively priced – it entitles you to 5 breakfasts and 5 evening meals a week during term time, and the cost is included in your rent.  You’ll still get to experience the fun of cooking and eating with friends at the weekends, in your halls community kitchens.

Dietary needs catered for

Whether vegetarian, vegan, coeliac or lactose intolerance, we can accommodate a whole range of different diets. Just speak to the Hospitality Manager on site to discuss your requirements, or email us at

And best of all…

…no washing up!

Our EAT IN outlets






Your feedback

Your feedback is important to us. Please let us know what you think and share any thoughts and suggestions you may have!